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10 Ways A Your First Blog Lies To You Everyday

With the raging war between Blogspot and WordPress, giving laurels to any one of them would do injustice to the other. Blogging activities may range from person to person and his technical expertise, but when it comes to customization and pinging, WordPress is a stand out winner. But when judged against Blogspot the latter cannot be side kicked as it is meant for those who just like blogging their content with strings of simplicity attached. Juxtaposing Blogspot and WordPress will help highlight their difference. The foremost difference is with there installation procedure while WordPress requires you to host your own account it involves downloading of setup files which are to be added to your server than creation of a database and running the configuration script. Whereas, in Blogspot one can setup an account in a jiffy and start posting immediately.

Don't Fall For This Your First Blog Scam

There are simply too many ways to make money online these days to sit on the sideline and do nothing. In the past, the thought of creating an online presence for money would have been quite enticing, but maybe too daunting of an idea. You may have needed to learn programming, website design and database structures to pull off a profit. Now, that is no longer the case. With WordPress and other companies offering such easy options on building your own website and the hosting companies set you up with an easy process for getting your page setup and information, it is becoming such that the average person can now have an online presence with little technical skill. With the economy the way it is, now is the perfect time to start raking in the money that is available to you online. You can choose an online job that takes 15 minutes each week, or you can choose one of the ideas in this book that might take hours each week. It all depends on how much money you would like to make, and how mu